Step 1: Press the power buttom

Step 2: Put the Hoverboard on a flat surface. Place one foot on pad to trigger the pedal, after the system enters self-balancing mode, then put the other foot on the other pad.

Step 3: Keeping your balance at the center of gravity can maintain your Hoverboard at a stationary state.

Step 4: Once you've found your balance, to move forward or backward, shift your weight in the direction you would like to move.

Step 5: Learn your body, left or right to turn.

Step 6: To get off, bring the device to a stop and step off one foot tight after the other.


If rider is not at a balance state, the alarm will go off  and the indicator light will turn on. This means the system cannot self-balance and you should get off and start over until the device starts to self-balance.


Do not make sharp turns at a high speed or uneven terrain.



Overload may cause injury.

Weight Limit: 44-220 lbs (20-100kg)

Speed Limit: About 7 miles/hr (12km/hr)

Range: 6-12 miles (10-20km)

Do not modify the parts of Hoverboard, it will affect the performance of the Hoverboard, void warranty, and may cause serious injury.

Do not use Hoverboard under the influence of any substances that may impair your vision or movement.

Do not carry items when you are riding Hoverboard.

Do not ride on slippery roads.

Do not ride in dark places.

Do not ride on bumpy surfaces.

Do not ride in narrow spaces.

Do not leave the Hoverboard outdoors to be exposed to sun or rain.

Store the Hoverboard safely.

When riding Hoverboard, please give way to pedestrians.

Users should not exceed the maximum load (44-220 lbs. or 20-100 kg), or rider can be easily get injured.

Do not make any sue of Hoverboard endanger the safety of people or property.